One Pac Apologizes to Christians


By Isatou Kanyi 

Bai Musa Secka, a Gambian singer who goes by the music name One Pac, has apologized to the Christian community and Gambians in general for his recent picture posted on Social Media, posing himself as black Jesus on the cross. 

The musician held a press conference at Bakau Guest House on Tuesday 5th January, 2021.

Speaking at a press conference One Pac, a native of Bakau, said: “I really want to apologize especially to the Christian community and the whole world that my post (of being) on the cross was not meant for provocation and not meant for disrespecting (to) any faith.”  

He said he was devastated following the incident, adding he was abandoned by his community.

He further explained QCELL has informed indicated that they will not sponsor any show that features him. 

“I just want to tell people that I’m not imitating Jesus Christ.”

“I did that post to send a Christmas message to my Christian friends “One Pac said.

He said he however came under barrage of condemnation on social media and as such he was apologizing for the post.

The Gambian musician said he is working on his future project with his partners Sora Promotion and Smart Construction. He called on people and companies to support him, saying he stands for change.