On Blank Voters’ Cards

   The Advice Is To Hold A Joint Press Conference With IPC

The Chairperson of the IEC has issued a Press Release to indicate that he has learnt from the media that blank voters’ cards were found around Kanifing.

He tried to clarify that the blank voters’ cards were remnants “of the old stock of the 2011 and 2016 voter registration exercises which are presently being disposed off to provide space for the arrival of the new stock of voters’ cards due in The Gambia.”

The Chairman explained that “these blank voters’ cards were never in the database of the IEC”

According to him the new voters ‘Cards will bear features that would be different from the blank cards that were found.

This is a big lesson for the IEC and the Nation. How are identity documents to be discarded when they become obsolete? The incident should raise such a fundamental question. The IEC needs an incinerator to ensure that all obsolete voters‘ cards are reduced to ashes to avoid what happened.

Secondly , Foroyaa is of the view that the IEC should have invited the IPC to examine the cards and hold a joint Press Conference to enlighten the public .