Omar Sarjo Personifies The Dilemma Of Statelessness, The Armed Forces Should Show More Understanding


In a disorganized society where births and deaths are not registered, free 12 year education is not guaranteed, residence is not formalized on a legal foundation and citizenship is not conveniently acquired through birth, descent, marriage or naturalisation.
People of humble origin struggle extremely hard to become part of mainstream society.

It is inspiring that a person like Omar Sarjo did not become bitter because of his alienation and social exclusion and proceed to join gangs of robbers or rebels to bring havoc to society; on the contrary he struggled to become a member of a disciplined force aimed at defending the Republic and her people.

Despite any findings that may be made regarding his background, he should be celebrated for having done everything he could to live a productive and contributive life.

His past must not lead to his imprisonment in a dungeon of exclusion and vilification. Society should not alienate those it refused to support at birth or give them protection and development during their youthful days so that they would not err in their choices and judgment.

To the many Omar’s in Gambian society, we have only one thing to say: Life is a journey and every day provides a lesson for one to draw to shape one’s destiny. One must never give up. Gambia will become more accommodating to the sons and daughters of the poor and downtrodden. Behind the dark clouds the glorious sunlight is waiting to shine.