Oil Company Inaugurates D2.5 Million Fuel Station in CRR


By Hatab Nyang

Tech World Oil Company has recently inaugurated a fuel station at Fula Bantang in the Central River Region (CRR) worth D2.5 million.

The new fuel station makes it a total of sixteen (15) across the country operated by Tech World. The company is a Gambian owned and has been operating for the past ten to fifteen (10-15) years now.

Mr. Dodou Touray, the company’s operation manager in his opening statements, gave a brief history about Tech World Oil Company in The Gambia.

Touray informed the audience this company is 100% Gambian owned and specializes in selling oil and gas.

He said since the inception of their oil company, they have created and provided job opportunities for more than three hundred Gambians and non-Gambians as well.

“We started at a small scale and had undergone through some rough and smooth moments, but gradually expanded with some degree of successes, through staff commitment and dedication to their job performance,” Mr. Touray lamented.

The Alkalo of Fula Bantang village, Mr. Muhammad Dem, said the fuel station would not only serve his community members but the entire satellite communities at large- about 15 villages.

The Alkalo said apart from Bansang and Brikamabaa in CRR, the new fuel station would ease the burden on the people when it comes to fuel and gas in their area. He commended Mr. Ebrima Touray, the proprietor of the oil company including their staff, for a successful and wonderful job.

Mr. Almudu Ceesay, who also spoke at the event, said there are more than 15 villages around Fula Bantang which stretched to Cassamance, who purchase fuel from Brikamaba and Bansang even though Fula Bantang is closer to them.