NUP Begins Nationwide Campaign Ahead of December Polls


By Ndey Sowe

Party leader and presidential candidate for National Unity Party, Abdoulie Ebrima Jammeh, on Friday, 12 November started his nationwide campaign ahead of the presidential election slated for December 4.

Speaking at a rally at Mbollet Ba village in Lower Nuimi in the North Bank Region, Mr. Jammeh urged the electorate not to allow others buy their voters cards. He told them that his party has solutions to their challenges in terms of development.

 “The Adama Barrow led Government does not solve your problems. Therefore, I urge you all to focus on the rest of the presidential candidates for development and hence you(electorates) made it clear that the current government haven’t delivered as expected.” the NUP leader told the people of M’bollet Ba village.

He said the number of supporters they have in Nuimi surpasses that of other political parties, and if elected into office as president, he will provide the people of Niumi with all what they need. He said his party will fulfill all their promises if elected into office. Mr. Jammeh said there are some villages in the Gambia where there is no water, electricity or hospital.

He advised Gambians to preserve their dignity and urged them not to sell their votes.

“If you sell your votes, you will not get the change we yearn for. This year is your chance for change and development and NUP is the right party with the right candidate to vote for. My Government will bring the development you need in terms of electricity, hospitals and water,” the NUP flag bearer told the gathering.

Mr. Jammeh in his promise to the people of M’bollet Ba, said he will “aggressively” fight against corruption, nepotism and economic crimes in the country; adding that he will fight against the aforesaid vices in the country “by establishing and empowering the relevant institutions as well as promulgating strict enforcement and punitive anti-corruption laws and regulations, including mandatory jail sentences.”

Mr. Jammeh promised that his party will eliminate all forms of inequality and discrimination and empower people with special needs. He said supporting the cause of women and children including youth advancement, is part of his ambition.

He said NUP will ensure “adherence to the true meaning of the country’s national pledge as enshrined in the national anthem, and this is to unite all Gambians irrespective of their political, racial, religious, tribal affiliations, {and} promote democracy and good governance which will be premised on justice, rule of law and the security of the people and their properties.”

Fatou Nyassi, National Women Mobilizer of the NUP, said it is only her party that is capable to bring about development to the people of Mbollet Ba; adding that NUP is here for the development of the Gambia and is ready to change the country for the better.

“There is no doubt that the NUP will win in the Lower, and Upper Nuimi districts,” Nyassi told the people of M’bollet Ba.