NRP Holds press briefing


Mamour M Mbenga

The opposition National Reconciliation Party (NRP) organized a Press Conference on the 29 December 2015 at their bureau at Pateh Baldeh, Modou Bamba Gaye, Hamat Bah, Musa SonkoKairaba Avenue.

The Press Briefing was witnessed by NRP militants and journalists from various media houses.

NRP leader Hon Hamat NK Bah explained to journalists, the activities of the NRP in the political arena and the party’s agenda for the 2016 presidential election.

Hon Amat NK Bah said in his briefing that the NRP has made strides in its development within the past years, which he said makes him comfortable and strong in his duty.

He lamented the economic crisis, bad governance and high unemployment rate which he said are forcing the youths to travel through the back way to Europe.

‘’The NRP has gone through so much hardship and made effort to make sure The Gambia changes to a nation of freedom and rapid development. The majority of Gambian youths are facing economic challenges and 65% of the African population are youths. The Gambian youths are travelling through the back way to Europe, some die at sea, some are imprisoned, some disappear and others are killed. The Gambia needs change for the interest of all in the 2016 election. The youths of this nation are promising but the current Government has failed in all its promises and has disappointed the Gambian people,’’ said Hon Bah

The NRP leader also decried the illegal detention of Gambian journalists.

He urged all Gambians to registered as a voter and acquire a voter’s card, as every citizen has the right to vote. He also said that election is the right time for Gambians to exercise their right to vote for the interest of this nation and enjoy democracy, freedom and development.

The Deputy Sectary General of NRP Musa Sonko also said that the party organizes annual press briefings to update Gambians on the progress and agenda of the party. He also added that the NRP is a democratic party that promotes the welfare and interest of the Gambian People.

The Member of Parliament Upper Saloum Modou Bamba Gaye also added his voice at the briefing. He urged Gambians to own their power and rule their own destiny by casting their votes for their best choice and for the interest of all.