NRA Says Contractors Obliged to Dispose of Uncollected Garbage, Close Open Drains along Kairaba Avenue


By Mustapha Jallow

The Public Relations Officer (PRO) of the National Road Authority (NRA), Ya Sainey Gaye, while responding to the concerns of open drains and uncollected garbage along the Kairaba Avenue, said the authority has an agreement with the contractors that binds them to cleanse the drains and dispose of the material excavated/ removed from the drains.

However, some of the contractors without trucks tend to stockpile the waste before hiring a truck to dispose off the waste.

This, she said, is not acceptable to the NRA and they have now put in place measures to deal with the issue. “Any contractor found to be engaging in such is fined and will be blocked from participating in future exercises,” she reveals.

According to her, in order to address the issue of open drains around the cooperative area, it is important to note that these drains are intentionally designed to have a larger depth in order to effectively drain stormwater. However, it is strongly recommended that raised curbs and guardrails be added to the drainage system as a safety measure for all road users.

“This addition will not only enhance flood alleviation efforts but also provide a safer environment for everyone.

“The raised caps will prevent accidents and ensure the smooth flow of traffic. It is highly encouraged that this measure be implemented promptly to ensure the well-being of the community and to demonstrate our commitment to safety and flood management,” Gaye expounded.