‘Noor Aid’ Donates Ramadan Food Aid to People of Bakoteh


By Amadou Manjang

Noor Aid has donated some hundred bags of rice, cooking oil, onion, sugars and dates to families in Bakoteh and surrounding communities.

The distribution is part of Noor Aid’s annual Iftar project donation held at Bakoteh field on Friday 8th April.

The people of Bakoteh thanked the donors for the “wonderful and timely gesture” saying it will go a long way in helping them during the month of Ramadan; that basic commodities are very expensive at the market and getting them free is a “good gesture.”

Muhammed Manneh, a beneficiary of the gesture said the donation is very helpful to him because the prices of basic commodities are surging, putting a burden on him; that the donation will save some money for him that he can use to buy something else.

“It really helps me because we all know how the market is right now. The price of goods is very costly most especially rice and oil,” he said.

Fatou Manneh said the donation will go a long way in sustaining her during the month of Ramadan; that prices of the commodities in the market are expensive and therefore getting them from someone free of charge, is nothing more than a humanitarian gesture.

“I am very grateful that I receive this donation and I will pray that may Allah bless the donors for the wonderful gesture,” she said. The mother of eight said the surge in the price of commodities is worrying, adding that people need to support one other.

“Government needs to regulate the price of the commodities now because its surge really affects us,” she said.