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Nominated Councillors In WCR Sworn-In


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By Ndey Sowe

Nine nominated Councilors have been sworn at the office of the Governor of West Coast Region in Brikama, on the 16th of August 2018. The nominated Councilors were sworn to represent the Brikama Area Council in various groups such as, youths, markets, health, women, schools, to name a few.

Speaking at the swearing ceremony, the Chairperson of Brikama Area Council Sheriffo Sonko, said the day was an important one in the history of the Regional Council.

“To be a vibrant, well managed, environment friendly Council, and mobilizing resource for a better quality of life for the citizenry of the West Coast Region,” he said.

Sonko said they are obliged to prepare and coordinate themselves in the best of manners, in their drive to attain the best for the people of the region; that with the collective effort of all and sundry, Council will move fast and create a conducive environment for everyone; that it is a necessary to put efforts together in order to enhance the swift operation of Council for efficient and effective service delivery. He urged people to selflessly embark on initiatives and activities which can add value to the operation of Council, and be committed for the interest of the institution.

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Eduward Preirra, a nominated Councilor representing the Gambia Federation of the Disables, GFD, thank the Minister of Lands and Regional Government for approving their nominations as Councilors for Brikama Area Council.

He assured the Chairperson of their collective support to Council, to develop the Region; that this can be done with all hands on deck with the slogan: One Gambia, One People, One Nation; that it is time to put aside political differences and look forward to develop the Region in particular and the Gambia in general. “Be who you want to be and not what others want you to be”, he said.

Sarjo Sanneh another nominated Councilor representing market vendors, said her major priority is to provide the necessary materials and facilities, and a healthy and secure environment for vendors to sell and improve their earnings for the benefit their families; that the market is in a dilapidating state and promise that Council will create the best facilities for them.

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