No substance of hard drug found in fishmeal factory


No substance of hard drugs was found in Nessim Fishmeal Factory, Demba S Jammeh the Director of Forensic Investigation told reporters yesterday.

He said that they are from the Forensic Investigation Directorate ((FID) assigned to verify or clarify whether the substance alleged to be drugs were actually drugs or not.

“After our analysis we found out that they were not drugs. The information we gathered is there is no substance of hard drug in this premises,” Mr. Jammeh stated. “The tablets we saw though they are written in Chinese,” they found no drug in them after taking “some samples to analyse them at the lab. Other than that, they found no drugs in the premises. 

“The analysis we did on the substances that people said they were drugs, we can certainly say that they are not drugs,” Mr. Jammeh said. 

According to one official in Nessim Fishmeal Factory that their safe has been robbed by the angry protesters on March 15, but did not say how much was in the safe.