By Fatoumatta K. Jallow, Rohey Jadama and Abdoulai G. Dibba

There has been no sitting in most of the courts in The Gambia on Tuesday 12 December 2016 following a call by the Bar for a boycott of the courts.

The Gambia Bar Association issued a press release on Monday urging its members and judiciary staff to boycott the courts in solidarity with the Gambian people until the incumbent, President Jammeh accepts the election result.

Foroyaa, yesterday, visited the Banjul High court, Kanifing, Banjul, Bundung and Brikama magistrates’ court respectively to find out if the courts are operating.

Only the Judges and state counsels were seen at the Banjul High Court complex and Justice Dada was presiding over cases. However, at the lower court the Magistrates did not preside over any case.

At the Kanifing magistrates’ court, the Industrial Tribunal Court was sitting in the morning and a magistrate was sitting on a property case in another court in the afternoon. All the other courts were not sitting.

Visiting the Bundung Magistrates court, the court rooms were empty and closed. According to one man at the court, all the cases were adjourned and the Clerk went for a meeting.

At the Brikama magistrates’ court, there was no sitting and the court rooms were closed. One man who was met at the premises told this reporter that there was no sitting and he did not see anybody.

The Bansang magistrates court did not sit today as the Magistrate was not in town.
With regard to Kaur and Kuntaur Court, there was no sitting as the
magistrate was travelling from the Kombos to his station on Tuesday.
With regard to Brikamaba, the court was not supposed to sit on Tuesday.
However, the Magistrate presided over a case at Jareng Court.