No relegation in second division, league expanded


By Sulayman Bah No team will undergo the pains of getting demoted following Football 14-team leagueHouse’s expansion of the second division to a 14-team league. The move means bottom place finishers Immigration FC and Young Africans will be spared of the trouble of going to the third division qualifiers –the regional league. This decision sees the ten league team increased to fourteen. Announcing the decision, the GFF said in a statement yesterday: ‘Please be informed that with effect from the 2015/16 the 2nd division clubs will be increase from 10 to 14 clubs. As such, the two relegated clubs will be maintained in the 2nd division. The club that comes 1st Position in the 3rd division Regional Leagues of Banjul, KM Region and West Region will have automatic qualifications to the 2nd division, whilst the 2nd place clubs will play a triangle and winner will qualify to the 2nd division. The Triangular qualifiers will be from 8th – 14th June 2015. Banjul, KM Region and WCR should send their 2nd position clubs name before the 5th June for the fixtures.’ Meanwhile the GFF First Eco Partner sponsored Division One winner will be decided this coming weekend. Gamtel and Real de Banjul are tied on points at the top with the latter leading on difference in goals. Both are to play on Sunday while other final games of the league also wrap up over the weekend.      ]]>