Friday, December 3, 2021

No One Is Above The Law


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No One Is Above The Law


Please allow me space in your respectable medium to air out my voice on the continual arrest, detention and otherwise of innocent Gambians by Security forces. As a youth, I feel obliged to do so.

Recently some youths from Kartong were arrested and detained without a careful look into their grievances.

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The youths need employment which is lacking and forcing them to take the risky back way. Moreover these youths, concerned with their future, were lamenting the danger mining at Kartong poses to their environment. But these concerns were overlooked and swift action was taken. Can we say that the current government does listen to the concerns of the Gambian youth?

The youths are the future leaders of tomorrow and we need protection and development.

It must be said that no branch of government is above the law. All should be equal under the law. There is no one life less valuable, less precious or less important than the other.

Stop the unnecessary arrests and detention and give us jobs.

Editor’s Note

This is an opinion that no one is barred from making. Why has the author failed to put his name?  We are advising all those who write to the editor to put their names otherwise their articles would not be published.

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