“No Message Concerning Edul-Fitr Delivered to Me” Says Caliph General


By Kebba Jeffang Sheikh Muhideen Hydara, under cross examination, told the BrikamaSheikh Muhideen Hydara Magistrates’ Court on Thursday, 9th April, 2015 that he received no message in July last year concerning Edul-Fitr from any authority. The Caliph General of Darsilami Sangajor added that the decision to pray on July 29 was in line with religious teachings. Sheikh Muhideen Hydara is on trial with Buyeh Touray, charged with disobeying lawful order and conspiracy to commit a misdemeanor. Announcing his appearance for the IGP before Magistrate Omar Cham was police prosecutor Chief Inspector Camara whilst Lawyers Antouman Gaye and Lamin K. Mboge represented the accused persons. Continuing his evidence, Sheikh Hydara said he was not aware of any message of such from the authorities. He said he was not aware of the issue and was not informed of it. “As a religious leader in the Gambia and in Darsilami, I should be informed about any religious affairs. I was not aware of any message delivered to me. I was also not aware of any message delivered to the late Imam Malign Hydara by the Alkalo or the chief’s badge messenger. The manner we observed prayer is in line with what God asked us to do and so is his prophet (PBUH). The prophet said if the moon is not seen on the 29th day of Ramadan then it should be extended to the 30th day to avoid doubt,” he concluded. The matter at this juncture, the case was subsequently adjourned to 16th April at 11am, 30th April at 2:30pm, 6th and 11th  May, 2015 at 2:30pm respectively.]]>