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and agriculture would be put to task to do a comprehensive study of the rain patterns and assess the impact it could have on agricultural production if the right measures are not taken at the right time. Important personalities have come and gone who are truly interested in the problems of the farming community. Where is the Cabinet paper to share with them? There is absolutely no doubt that if there is shortage in the volume of rainfall, upland rice will fail, tidal irrigation will fail and food shortage would be the ultimate outcome. Human beings, animals, and crops will be affected. This is the scientific view. Hydrologists, Irrigation engineers and agronomists should be invited to commence the debate on the risks associated with unseasonal rain. The Minister responsible for water resources should take media houses on a conducted tour of the facilities designed to assess the volume of rainfall, the spread nationwide and the environmental and other impacts. This is urgent if proper assessment is to be made regarding food production. 2015 is round the corner. Poverty should be halved? Are we set on that trail? Only the experts could do the forecast. Let them begin the debate on national TV and radio.  ]]>

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