Wednesday, February 1, 2023

No answer from PURA yet


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Foroyaa is yet to have an answer from PURA as to why cell phone users in The Gambia are unable to communicate with others using the social media applications. Foroyaa wants to know whether or not it is true that applications such as Whatsapp, IMO, Skype, etc. are being blocked by the national internet service provider.

Since on Monday 22 August 2016, Foroyaa has been making efforts through physical appearance and phone calls, to talk to the Director General of PURA, but he was said to be busy all this while.

Cell phone users in the Gambia have not been able to communicate with others using social media applications such as IMO, Skype and Whatsapp for about 10 days now.

The users of these applications want to know what is responsible for this problem. People are still looking forward to know the root cause of the issue and Foroyaa will continue its effort to talk to the Director General.

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