Nine Year Old Needs Help for Overseas Treatment


Musa Susso, father of a nine year old girl is seeking for assistance to enable his daughter undergo overseas treatment in China.Nine Year Old Needs Help

According to a medical report from the Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital (EFSTH), young Aminata Susso’s CT scan of the brain shows severe sign of brain atrophy. “In both temporo-fronto parietal lobes, there is large hypodense area with encephalomacy aspect. There are small microcalcifications in both certebral hemispheres, mild dilated lateral and third ventricular,” the report states. The eight year old girl was delivered by caesarian section due to fetal distress. She was admitted in August 2008 at the paediatric ward of the then Royal Victoria Teaching Hospital (RVTH) for 14 days and was later discharged on medication. The conclusion of the report indicates signs of encephalic hypoxi-isequemic as a sequellar.

The father of young Aminata told Foroyaa that his daughter has been with this illness since 2008 when Aminata was just 2years, 7months. Musa said since then, they (Musa and his wife) have gone through lot of stress as the child cannot talk or sit down and whatever they have, they spend it on the child’s treatment. The eight year old has undergone traditional treatment; she was also taken to Principal and Fan Hospitals in Dakar but to no avail, said the distraught father. He said they have sent details of Aminata’s medical report to Beijing United Family Rehabilitation Hospital and the hospital have responded but they are finding it difficult to go to China as they cannot afford the travel fee. Anyone willing to assist the Susso family to enable Aminata regain her health can contact them on 9986466.