Ngottagu Fulbe Gambia Holds Press Conference


By Sariba Manneh

Ngottagu Fulbe Gambia an Association formed by more than 30 Fula groups on Saturday, 9 September organized a press conference on the way forward of the association and also how best they can unite all the Fula Unions under one Umbrella to be called ‘TabitalPulaaku.’

According to them, one of the biggest unions of Fulas in the country had fractia due to a misunderstanding from the head based on political interest.

The press conference was attended by different heads from different parts of the country in the Fula society both male and female.

Speaking at the conference, Biggie Bah, Founder of Ngottau Fulbe Gambia, spoke on the importance of making the Fulani people unite under one umbrella in the Gambia hence the term of the current executive has come to an end.

He called on all the two factions of ‘TabitalPulaaku’ to put aside all differences and join hands to be one for the betterment of the Fula community. 

 According to him the other faction under the leadership of (MomodouKande) had already joined them and in the same vein, they are calling Mr Seedy Dem to follow suit.

MessrsEbrimaJallow and Alieu Ceesay expressed similar sentiments.  

MrFalou Bah, Head of another Fula group, called on both leaders from the different TabitalPulaaku to forget about all differences for the interest of the tribe and the young generation.

He, therefore, urged Mr Seedy Dem to answer their call for standing for the Fula community and vy for a leadership position. He said they advocate unity among themselves.

Mr Ahmed MuctarrJallow, an Executive member of ‘Ngottagu Fulbe’ Gambia, expressed joy over joining such an important gathering as he said there are so many associations of Fulas that should be merged under one umbrella, making his association to accept the invitation from ‘Ngottagu Fulbe’ Gambia in them pursue to make sure they have one big association to be spearheaded by one leader.

He called on others to look for the interests of the Fula community instead of their personal interests.

Meanwhile, ‘TabitalPulaaku’, one of the biggest Fula Association, endured a difficult setback some years back as some of the Executives were accused of using the Fulas to join the president’s party in the 2021 Presidential election which led to the split.

The other party is led by Seedy Dem with registration documents showing that the association is a bastion association while the other fraction is led by one MomodouKande.

‘Ngottagu Fulbe’ Gambia as an independent and neutral body took it upon themselves to call for unity for the interest of the Fula community.