Saturday, November 27, 2021

Newtown Councillor fixes 24 broken street lights


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The councillor of Newtown West Ward in Banjul Central Pa Mamour Ceesay has recently completed fixing 24 street lights.

Mr. Ceesay said he first bought the lighting materials out of his own pocket, such as 24 light bulbs, 6 units, 6 lighting tubes and 24 starters. Upon fixing the 24 street lights he bought some more light bulbs that he hopes to fix.

Councillor Ceesay who won the last elections under an Independent Ticket said, this was some of the concerns that were raised by people during his campaign.

“I want to ensure that I try by all means to meet the concerns of my people as I promised them during my campaign” he remarked.

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Mr. Ceesay also said he and his ward development technical team went round to point out some of these lamp posts that are not working for one or two reasons.

He added that “As a result of the survey we were fully advised to buy the necessary materials needed”.

Mr. Ceesay said electricians from the Banjul City Council has helped in the fixing of the street lights, which he said commenced on Monday 23 July 2018.

Mr. Ceesay who was the then councillor of the ward also said at night people find it difficult to go about their businesses when the streets lights are not on.

The Ward councillor in a similar development has bought 12 spades, 12 rakes and three wheel barrows for the community of Newtown West Ward.

“We are using these materials for our weekly cleansing exercise,” he remarked.

Mr. Ceesay and his team were also seen recently clearing the drainages, within the wards, and also clearing waste that was indiscriminately dumped in an empty land.

Mr. Ceesay took the opportunity to urge compound owners to fence their unused lands, adding that people should also stop dumping indiscriminately.

Amadou John one of the residents of the ward said that, this is long overdue. He further noted that, this campaign came at a time when people are really in need of the brightness due to the rainy season.

“If it is dark at night during the rainy season people find it difficult to avoid the potholes or the drains which can be dangerous,” he remarked.

Newtown west ward has 315 compounds according to the councillor. This is a ward which is highly affected by indiscriminate dumping, and blocked drainages that affect the community.

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