Saturday, December 4, 2021

New Gambia Calls For The Choice Of The People To Be Respected


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Under the regime of former President Yahya Jammeh, the choice of the people was not respected. He relied on the colonial law to maintain his cronies and dispose of would be opponents or even independent personalities. Hence only chiefs and Alkalos who have displayed loyalty of one form or another are worthy of being appointed or retained.

The people in the countryside have been yearning to free themselves from tyranny and when December 1 came they had hope that liberty was just at their doorstep.

When President Barrow stood as a presidential candidate he included the following in his manifesto: “empower citizens to defend their sovereignty and to have control over public authority as equal stakeholders.”

New Gambia calls for the choice of the people to be respected. It calls for the abandonment of laws that disempower the people and the enactment of those that empower them. It also calls for the arbitrary dismissal of chiefs and Alkalos to be a thing of the past and acceptance of the choice of the people.

The removal of chiefs and Alkalos will be dealt with in depth in the next edition of Foroyaa Magazine.

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