New Consignment Of Fertiliser Expected Soon! What Is The Plan?



National Food Security Processing & Marketing Corporation (NFSC) has issued a notice announcing the arrival of 6000 tons of fertiliser in the coming days and requesting quotations from transporters to transport the consignment to designated places throughout the country.

The question that arises is what is the plan of the government. Is the supply for this year or next year? Has the selling price been fixed? If so what is it? What is the quality compared to the last consignment? How will the sale be conducted, at the village or district level or at the NFSC depots? This year farmers complained about transportation cost and the inability of many to buy the fertiliser at even the reduced cost of D700.

Needless to say, our interview with an agronomist has revealed that the time, type and quantity of fertiliser applied is important as far as the yield is concerned.

Foroyaa will find out what the plan is and inform our readers accordingly.