Never Again A Grand Alliance For Regime Change!


Two types of alliances are possible in an election, that is, an alliance for regime change and an alliance for system change.

In 2016, the opposition in The Gambia and those who wanted change formed a grand alliance. Many had hoped that the alliance will result to a new start. “One Gambia, One Nation, One People” was the clarion call. Even those who did not believe in the coalition became absorbed because of the hope that a new Gambia will come to fruition and that all Gambians irrespective of whether they supported the coalition or not will benefit.

However, the end result was regime change. Many are complaining that they have not seen their interest in the change. Some are in fact blaming those who pioneered the change for not bringing the right type of change. So, in 2021 those who do not want to be blamed are set to build an alliance to go beyond regime change to build a system that would make every Gambian see that their interest has been served by the change.

Hence 2021 may witness two types of alliances amongst the opposition – a grand alliance of all those who want system change and a grand alliance of those who want regime change and it is up to the people to decide and take responsibility. History will be judge.

Gambians will realise a change in their lives if they decide to take their destiny in their own hands rather than leave it in the hands of political elites. Each is sovereign. Each has a vote. Each can say how this country is to be governed. We have a duty to take the decision that serves all of us better. That is the demand of truth and common sense.