Neneh Freda Gomez & Co Arrested, Released


By Nelson Manneh

Nenneh Freda Gomez and Lamin Sey of Global Hearts of Medical Mission (GOHMM) were on Tuesday arrested and detained at the Senegambia Police Station, but were later released after some hours in detention.

This is the third time Nenneh is being arrested for visiting their property at Bijilo which the high court has ruled in favour of GOHMM.

Nenneh told this medium that she was at the police station and couldn’t talk to Foroyaa at the time.

“I am currently at the police station and I cannot talk to you,” she told this reporter.

The deputy spokesperson of the Gambia Police Force, Inspector Alieu Jamanka, was contacted to shed light on the matter, but he shared his oblivion about the issue.

He however promised to find out and get back to Foroyaa. At the time of going to press, Foroyaa contacted him again but he didn’t pick his call.