Neither The President Nor The Vice President Is Now On Hot Seat


The continuous declaration of a State of Emergency without bringing the declaration to the National Assembly for scrutiny while the National Assembly is sitting gave rise to statements by National Assembly members which should have been followed by motion to summon the vice president to come and explain the conduct of the government.

Conflicting aims and approaches among National Assembly members led to delay in moving motions to summons representatives of the executive to come to the National Assembly to explain matters relating to the declaration of a state of Public emergency.

This gave the executive a breathing space which it exploited to bring a motion to the National Assembly for an extension of the state of emergency for another 45 days. The motion was tabled  by the Attorney general which was  put before the members for adoption to allow the debate to proceed on its merits or otherwise. A divided vote made the motion  to  consider the motion of the Attorney general to fail in getting  majority support. Consequently, everything goes back to  the same situation where the executive  continues to declare state of emergency while the National Assembly  members drove themselves to a corner . National Assembly members should go back to the drawing board to learn how to put  certain parochial interests aside in favour of the National interest.