On Wednesday all the parents and children wore decent clothes to commemorate the feast of Eid and visit families and neighbours. Along Kombo Sillah Drive one would have eye sores looking at debris removed from the drains without any collection. The piles of debris are still there as we go to press. Rains are washing the mud back into the drains. Worst of all those who sell fruits, vegetables and other foodstuff are being outraged by the stench on the pavement. Those who look for transport in the area have to bear the stench and unhealthy environment.

Who is responsible for the contract to transport the waste once removed from the drains? Do they have the transport necessary to collect the waste and a place to dump it? Do they have disinfectant to spray the drains and the environment?

It is important for the National Roads Authority, which is responsible for primary roads, and the KMC, which is responsible for secondary roads, to have a joint committee responsible for planning and supervising the cleansing of drains adjacent to secondary and primary roads in the municipality before the beginning of the rainy season so as to prevent the type of degradation of the environment that is visible on the major highway like Kombo Sillah Drive.

The environment agency should not tolerate such an exercise. There should be competitive bidding in issuing contracts to those who clean drains. Those who clean drains must have adequate equipment and proper disposal facilities to avoid harm to the pedestrians and other users of the side works close to such drains. Foroyaa will be investing how contracts are given and how the work is supervised to ensure value for money.