NBR to Have Quarantine Centre


By Nelson Manneh

Modou Njai, the Director of Health Promotion at the Ministry of Health said his Ministry will soon provide a quarantine centre for the North Bank Region of the country.

“Since the beginning of the Coronavirus, all suspected cases from the North Bank Region have been transported to Banjul. We have now received invoices for the establishment of a quarantine center for the area and will soon finalize the process,” he said.

Njai made these statements on Wednesday April 22nd 2020, at the daily press briefing conducted by the Ministry of Health in Banjul.

Since the first COVID 19 case the country registered on March 2020, the Ministry of Health continues to give daily national situation reports of the global pandemic, by the National Covid-19 Task Force.

According to Njai, the Ministry of Health has secured few quarantine centres across the country except for the North Bank Region where no quarantine centre is available, and the region borders with Senegal where nearly five hundred cases of the virus and six deaths, has been recorded; that regarding the quarantine centre in NBR, they have received invoices from different places in North Bank and the process will soon be finalized.

Njai said it is not easy to secure a place to be meant as quarantine centre; that hotel owners did not want to give out their hotels as COVID 19 quarantine centres.

Regarding Police Officers’ deployment at public places, Njai said people should not expect them to be wearing full protective gears like health officers; that the officers can ´put on gloves and face masks but they are not expected to put on full gears like health officers.