Nawettan round-up


By Sulayman Bah Kabafita United are demoted in the ongoing Brikama Nawettan despite rolling over Real de Busumbala on a 2-1 Kabafita Unitedscore. Both teams are out of the championship after finishing on an unprepossessing note in their group. Sky Power over the weekend slugged out a two-all stalemate with Amsa. Amsa snatched the lead firing two goals before Sky Power launched successful come-from-behind effort to force a 2-2 draw. Scovill and Yarambamba settled on a similar score in what was a rescheduled game. Eslewhere in Manjai, Sanchaba United bit the dust to Fillan on a 2-0 score whilst Giants got the better of Lemon on a slender 1-0 margin. Campeh Bi also sashayed past Dahaba on a similar score.  ]]>