National Assembly To Receive Bills on National Security, Data Protection Will

Minister of Information and Communication Infrastructure, Ebrima Sillah

By: Kebba AF Touray

The Information Minister, Mr. Ebrima Sillah, has disclosed that bills on national security, data protection inter alia would be brought before the national assembly before the end of 2021.

Minister Sillah said this on Wednesday 16th June 2021 in response to the question asked by the Member for Upper Saloum, Alhagie Mbow.

Mbow asked the aforesaid minister to inform the assembly about the government’s policy on data governance, administration, protection and sharing.

Minister Sillah told lawmakers that the review on the level of the national data policy at the level of the Attorney General has been finalized. He expressed hope that before the end of the year, the national service security and data protection laws will be brought the assembly.

He said that these are important instruments in relationship with their partners and that government wants to be assured that their dealings with colleague governments is unified on law.

 “Where violations happen, appropriate checks and mechanisms are in place to deal with such violations. This is also very important internationally now, especially looking at cyber-crime issues which are committed most of the time outside a jurisdiction, but they can affect a country,” he said.

Meanwhile, next to appear before the plenary was the Justice Minister who was scheduled to respond to questions from the lawmakers on matters relating to his ministry, but could not make to the assembly.

According to the information minister, the justice minister gave him the authority to step in for him and answer those legislative questions.

At this juncture, Sidia Jatta, the Member for Wuli West, swiftly took the floor and said the engagement with the National Assembly takes precedence over everything as stated in the rules of FRAC.

“I move that henceforth, if a Minister has an engagement with this National Assembly, and he or she is unable to come, the Office of the Speaker must be informed beforehand.

“They must tell us a system they may develop, where if one is unable, the person to represent him or her is adequately informed to come here and represent him or her. Otherwise, we will deal with no matter coming from any Minister in absentia,” he said.