NAMs Yearn for Basic Needs in their Constituencies

Fatoumatta Jawara

By Makutu Manneh 

The National Assembly Members have outlined the basic needs their constituencies are yearning for during the adjournment debate on Tuesday 6th July 2021.

These basic needs the deputies are longing for include education, health facilities, good roads, security, agriculture, water and electricity.

Scores of cabinet ministers who were present were jotting as the deputies outlined their constituencies’ needs.

Fatoumatta Jawara, NAM for Tallinding Constituency, called on the security forces to act against violence happening in the country.

Jawara said she doesn’t support security personnel humiliating people in the streets but she said the law must be obeyed.

“Everybody is scared, nobody is going to bed peacefully,” she said.

Ms. Jawara said the robbery and attacks are many, thus she urged the youths to stop using illegal drugs. She urged the Interior Minister to do something about the issue.

The Tallinding deputy also called on the health minister to help her constituency with a major health center.

She said they only have a German clinic which does not have a mortuary or labour ward, saying they have to go to Bundung to access these facilities.

Foni Kansala NAM, Musa Amul Nyassi, said there are places in his constituency that do not have access to electricity, so he asked the minister of energy to tell them how and when they will have electricity.

Afusainey Ceesay, NAM for Sami, implored on the ministries of higher education and works to build a skill center in his constituency where youth can acquire skills.

Mr. Ceesay informed the Minister of Agriculture who was absent from the assembly that most of their seed stores are not in good condition.

He said they need new stores to be built for them or the old stores be furnished.

Kaddy Camara, NAM for Foni Bondali, said there are 26 villages in her constituency and only two (2) have access to electricity.

“I want to know from the minister of energy why the people of Foni Bondali are not benefiting from electricity supply,” she asked.