NAM For BundungKa Kunda Inaugurates Borehole 


By Nelson Manneh

Hon. Sulayman Jammeh, the National Assembly Member for Bundung-Ka Kunda Constituency, on Wednesday 17th January 2023 inaugurated and handed over a borehole to the people of Bundung Nyakoi and the surrounding community.

According the the NAM, the project is part of his plans to ease the availability of water for the people of Bundung. 

“I hope that this Borehole will immensely ease the diffficult water issues within the surrounding area, and as a representative of my people, I will continue to advocate for more of such projects to ease this unending water shortage in Bundung,” Hon. Jammeh said. He said his people have been suffering for so long and has engaged the authorities at all levels in order to solve the water shortage that his electorate face daily, to no avail. The Member for Bundung said he could have dug the borehole inside his compound but his concern was for his people to enjoy what they deserve.

“I am elected to serve my people and I am ready to serve them to the best of my ability. I will continue to advocate for more water projects in order to ease the borden that my people are going through,” he said. Hon. Jammeh who once served as a Councillor, said he has the people of Bundung in his heart, and will not stop advocating for their rights.