Nadd Should Teach All Political Aspirants To Put Tribe Aside And Focus On Policy To Eradicate Poverty


In 2006, the UDP allied with the NRP to contest the elections. Many of their supporters calculated that those who were identified to belong to the Mandinka ethnolinguistic group and the Fula ethnolinguistic group would unite to give the alliance the majority.

Those who were misled by ethnolinguistic mathematics gathered the lesson that the whole is not always equal to the sum of the parts. Instead of UDP having more votes than what it scored during the 2001 election, to the contrary, its votes declined to 27 percent of the votes cast.

On the other hand, Coalition 2016 brought all Gambians together irrespective of ethnolinguistic origin or religion to effect the change.

Those who work for National unity are the food of the Gambia. Those who try to divide the nation are the poison of the Gambia. MAKE YOUR CHOICE AND WORK FOR A UNITED NATION AND STAND, OR A DIVIDED NATION AND FALL