Tuesday, September 21, 2021

NA Health Committee Visit Communities Struck By Storms


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By: Kebba AF Touray


The National Assembly Select Committee on Health, Women, Children and Disaster and Humanitarian Relief, is conducting sight visits to the communities that have been struck by the past storms.


The first day of the tour, took the Committee to Sareh Futa, Pacharr and Fula Bantang in CRR.

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Alkalo Muhammed Jallow of Sareh Futa, thanked the committee for the visit, which he said shows their interest in the welfare of the villagers.


He further told the committee that they have received some roofing aids from the government, NDMA and other agencies.


He however called for such support as the incident has seriously affected the village.


Imam Cherno Jallow, thanked all the donors for their timely support, especially NDMA, who  he said has helped him with corrugated iron sheets, four bags of rice, four gallons of cooking oil, four buckets, four mattresses among other items.


Alakalo Musa Bayo of Pacharr, expressed grief over the incident and explained that they have been lobbying for support from all and sundry.


Sanna Dahaba, NDMA, Director informed the village of Sareh Futa, that in addition to the said support, the agency will support the village with 10,000 trees for planting as part of preventive measures.


He informed the villagers in Pacharr that the storm has inflicted damage of over D100 million to the victims, but confirmed that the government has so far given them D10 million to render support to the victims.


Sulayman Saho, Rapporteur of the Committee, also urged the village of Sareh Futa to construct their houses in strategic positions that would help them minimize damage during windstorms. 


Chairman Ousman Sillah, informed the victims that the visit aims at assessing whether the victims have received assistance, with a view to mitigating their anguish.

The committee on Friday continued its visit to victims in Basang and Sareh Soffie in CRR.

Adama  Jawneh, a victim in Bansang, informed the committee that he received 5 packets of corrugated iron sheet, a packet of nails and rubber as assistance from the National Disaster Management Agency. 

He urged for more assistance because the incident has affected his household, the rehabilitation of which would be exorbitant for him.

Mawdo Sanneh, the Chairman of the Village Development Committee, praised the NA Health committee for the visit and thanked the donors including the NDMA for the swift support rendered them.

Similar remarks were echoed by the victims in Sareh Soffie, who also urged for more timely aid to relieve them from their current status quo.

Fatoumata Jawara, told the visiting communities that the oversight function of the NA is mandatory on them, especially in this crucial moments, to see for themselves the devastating effect of the storm on the affected communities, with a view to help remedy the plight of the victims.

Mr. Sanna Dahaba, NDMA Director, reiterated to the communities that the visit was to assess whether funds given to support the victims, were being used for the intended purpose.

“I urged you to embark on massive tree planting exercise. In this regard, my agency will help you with 10,000 seedlings ,as trees serve as wind breakers, to avert occurrences “, he told the visiting communities. 

Ousman Sillah, Chairman of the Committee, told the communities that the visit aims to asses who have so far received support.

 He further told them this will help mechanize ways of generating assistance, to ensure those who have not been supported could also have their share of the cake once the assistance is made available.

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