Mr Turo Darboe’s Humanitarian Gesture And The Role Of Political Parties


Mr Darboe should be commended for his humanitarian assistance but the role of political parties in distributing humanitarian aid from a humanitarian agency does not settle well with reason and conscience . There is nothing wrong in calling a friend who is occupying a post of representation and offer him or her opportunity to distribute humanitarian aid on one’s behalf without any strings attached.

On the other hand, any media announcement that rice and sugar has been given to a political party would give the impression that party members all over the country would benefit, failing which they would hold a party leadership accountable for their deprivation.

This would be diametrically opposed to the objective for which the assistance is being given in the first place.

Foroyaa has reliably gathered that the announcement that all parties received the gifts as inaccurate. Hence all-party members should question their leaders whether they have received the gifts for distribution on party grounds before passing judgment on them.

It should be highlighted that a person’s effort like the one initiated by Mr Darboe should not be hidden and it would not be a sign of honesty to receive his gifts and give it to a party member to give the impression that it is a gift from the party. It should be emphasised that whatever comes from him should be known to have come from him so that he would take all the credit. Each should take the credit one deserves. This is what builds a nation where each would appreciate the other’s worth.

It is recommended that he makes it a practice of indicating what he has to give and ask all those who come across a vulnerable person, irrespective of party affiliation, to refer the person for assistance.

In this way his foundation would contribute to poverty reduction without fear or favour, affection or ill will. This is the way forward in not politicising aid from humanitarian agencies.