Mr President, why are you on tour?



Mr President, why are you on tour?

This question is relevant. Many people are wondering why President Jammeh utilised the platform meant to find out how the Yaya Jammehpolicy of his government is impacting on the people to make major pronouncement on his relation with sitting presidents of Senegal. The Constitution is quite clear on what the President should be saying during his 17 day tour.

Section 222 paragraph 15 states, “The President shall undertake a nation-wide tour at least twice a year in order to familiarise himself or herself with current conditions and the effects of government policies.”

The key issue should be the threat to food security in the face of dwindling grants. Foroyaa has reported the inundation of rice farms in URR, CRR and LRR. Gambia imported 1.3 Billion Dalasis worth of rice in 2013 and 1.9 Billion Dalasis worth in 2014. According to vision 2016 the country should have put an end to rice imports in 2016. The government should make a pronouncement on the impossibility of achieving  this goal and call on the business community to maintain their links and import rice in the face of dwindling foreign reserves.

The Gambian people should hold the head of state accountable in implementing such a provision in words and deeds. Any head of state who is unable to do so is undermining the integrity of the Republic and would be rendering oneself unfit to govern.