Motorist Recounts Receiving Overpayment for Transporting Murder Suspect Ousainou Bojang to Dioulouloung


By Yankuba Jallow 

Baboucarr Manneh, a motorist who transports people to villages along the Gambia-Senegal border, Monday testified that Ousainou Bojang’s sister, Amie Bojang, overpaid him to transport Ousainou to Dioulouloung in Senegal.

Babucarr Manneh, a resident of Marakisa, is the eleventh prosecution witness in the case.

Bojang, a resident of Brufut, is facing charges of murder, attempted murder, committing a terrorist act, and assault causing grievous bodily harm. His sister, Amie Bojang, is charged with accessory after the fact to murder.

The state alleged that on 12 September 2023 while at the Sukuta traffic lights, Ousainou Bojang, shot three (3) police personnel with a gun, resulting in the death of two policemen and leaving a policewoman with life-threatening injuries. Ousainou denied the allegations in court.

Babucarr Manneh, the motorist testified that he recognised both accused persons in court. When asked about his encounter with them about nine (9) months ago.

Upon arrival, he inquired about the destination of the client, and he was pointed towards a woman (Amie Bojang). He stated that when he asked where she was going, she (Amie Bojang) replied that she was not the one going, but someone was going to Jululung. After asking for the fare, the witness said he told Amie Bojang that the fare was Two Hundred Dalasi (D200), but she said she would pay Two Hundred and Fifty Dalasi (D250).

Manneh recounted that after receiving the fare, he asked Amie Bojang about the whereabouts of the person who was going. She indicated that the client was in a nearby vehicle and she went to fetch him. 

The witness said a boy, Ousainou Bojang, refused to use the motorbike and decided to trek ahead. He added he waited a while for Ousainou to go and he then came from the back to pick him up.

He testified that during the journey to Jululung, Ousainou was holding a small bottle. He added that he did not observe any unusual behaviour to suggest that Bojang had mental issues.

On arrival at Jululung, the witness said Bojang told him that he was going to Binjona but he did not know the route.

The witness explained that he took Bojang to a man who sells tickets, adding the man instructed Bojang to sit down and wait. He testified that was how he returned to the Gambia while he left Bojang in Jululung.

The witness said he did not give any statement to the police. He added that his encounter with the police was three (3) days after the incident.

Senior Counsel Lamin J. Darboe cross-examined the witness. 

“Did you sign any document when the police called you?” Lawyer Darboe asked.

“No,” the witness said.

The witness was asked to mention his telephone number and his real name.

Senior Counsel O. Sillah for Amie Bojang questioned the witness. 

The witness said he could not recall the clothes Amie Bojang wore that day.

The witness reiterated that he transported Bojang between noon and 1 pm.

“Mr. Manneh, are you telling the court that you cannot recall the clothes the second accused wore, but you remember the amount she paid you?” Lawyer Sillah asked.

“Yes, I do not remember the clothes she wore, but I remember the amount (of money) she paid me,” the witness replied.

“How were you contacted by the police?” Counsel Sillah asked.

“When the police came, I wasn’t around. When I returned, a friend informed me that some people, who appeared to be police officers, were looking for me. I then took my bike to visit a friend at the hospital in Darsilami and one of them recognized me and asked me to go with them,” the witness narrated.

He said he was not arrested. The witness said there was no identification done, instead Bojang was brought together with her sister, Amie Bojang.

“I am telling you that there was a promise of a 1 million reward for any person who identified the accused, and this is why you came up with the story,” Counsel Sillah said, accusing the witness of giving false evidence.

“That’s not true. If I have to choose between money and truth, I will choose the truth. I don’t know whether what the accused is accused of is true or not, but I took him to Jululung,” the witness retorted.