Friday, December 3, 2021

Modou Lo facing Lac 2 Sunday


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By Sulayman Bah

Millions from Senegambia and beyond will be glued to the TV as Modou Lo and Lac 2 tussle it out.

This will be their second face-off after the previous one ended in a stalemate on Independence Day, six years ago.

In that contest, both wrestlers got chastised with Lac receiving the lion’s share of the blame.

Being a defensive but highly tactical wrestler –revered for his ability to secure a win even with a half-chance – Lac was accused of fighting for a draw.

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Video replays of the duel shows Lac retreating umpteen times, attacking only on few occasions –more than he’d had to defend.

Understandably, his camp and bosoms leapt to his defence, insisting Lac’s approach were of necessary tactical withdrawals.

In the times they’d faced off in pre-match verbal duels, both promised a repeat of a draw won’t be happening with Parcel-born Modou taunting his opponent to stay grounded to which Lac fired back ‘you should be the one to be told that.’

Dubbed a meeting of flamboyance plus tactic liaised with attacking flair, many including pundits, will for now want to take the stars for their word until they prove otherwise on Sunday.

Of intrigue will be how Lac de Guier 2 will look when he shifts to an overly attacking gear against a box of tricks in Modou Lo.

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