Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Ministry of Health Warns Returnees to Go for Quarantine, or face Consequences


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The Ministry of Health has in a dispatch issued Tuesday advised

Gambian students who came from Saudi Arabia and arrived in the country via Senegal by land and then eventually evaded Quarantine, to report to the Quarantine team or face the consequences.

Below is the press release issued by the health ministry;

It has come to the attention of Ministry of Health that a batch of Gambia students came from Saudi Arabia and arrived in the country via Senegal by land and then eventually evaded Quarantine.

The Ministry is hereby calling on all those whose names with passport number listed below to immediately report to the Quarantine team by calling the following Numbers:

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3545966, 6618797, 3632092, 3011261

The mentioned individuals listed herein are strictly advised to comply to this request by surrendering themselves to the quarantine team, failure of which could lead to serious consequences.


1. ALHAGIE JAWLA, PC Number- 631929

2. SARJO FADERA, PC Number- 605729

3. MARIAMA JAITEH, PC Number- 013815

4. JABBI SAIKOU, PC Number- 065235

5. MARIAMA TOURAY, PC Number- 572148

6. MODI WAGGEH, PC Number- 579198

7. MANSURU NJIE, PC Number- 073928

8. IBRAHIM CEESAY, PC Number- 041100

9. DAWDA NJIE, PC Number- 574053

10. ALHUSAIN JAGNE, PC Number- 561376

11. BUBACARR F. TABALLY, PC Number- 581429

12. ALHASAN MHAMUD SANNEH, PC Number- 551573

13. AL AMIN KEBBA BEYAI, PC Number- 605470

14. EBRAHIM NJIE, PC Number- 037570

15. BUBACARR SAIDY, PC Number- 034169

16. MUHAMMED SAMUSA, PC Number- 571447

17. ISMAILA JAMBANG, PC Number- 036240

18. YAHYA JAMMEH, PC Number- 108048

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