Minister Njie Gives Breakdown of about D3 Billion Supplementary Budget


By: Kebba AF Touray

The Legislative House on Thursday approved the sum of two billion Eight hundred and forty-five million dalasi supplementary estimates.

The allocations are meant to support the services of twelve government institutions

These institutions are; Tourism, Foreign Affairs, Finance, Lands, Agriculture, Works, Health, Information, Higher Education and Petroleum Ministries, Centralized Services and National Debt Service.

See the breakdown of the estimates below;

  1. Ministry of Tourism and Culture D100, 000,000
  2. Ministry of Foreign Affairs D50, 000,000
  3. Ministry of Finance D11, 519,800
  4. Centralized Services D893, 585,417.80
  5. Ministry of Lands D46, 772,841.25
  6. Ministry of Agriculture D224, 250,000
  7. Ministry of Works D914, 328,123.00
  8. Ministry of Health D250, 000,000
  9. Ministry of Information D15, 000,000
  10. Ministry of Higher Education D38, 000,000
  11. Ministry of Petroleum D77, 000,000
  12. National Debt Service D224, 543,817.95

This amounts to the total estimates of D2, 845,000,000.

Finance Minister, Mambury Njie stressed: “This estimates shall be allocated from the consolidated revenue fund as authorized in Supplementary Appropriation Act, 2020. It is meant to provide additional sums for the services of the Republic of the Gambia for the period 1st January to 31st December 2020”.