Migrants mainly from Sudan and South Sudan entered Morocco with a view to going to Spain. Not only were some shot by Spanish authorities but 65 of them were arrested and subjected to trial. Information reaching us indicated that 33 of them have been sentenced to 11 months imprisonment.

Nothing is more ironical than to accuse migrants of entering a country illegally only to jail them for eleven months in the name of legality. If the migrants were welcome to stay in Morocco for eleven months while attempts were made to repatriate them back to their countries, they would have been able to work rather than being a liability to the state, a worthy step of continental solidarity.

While states sign agreements and protocols promoting good neighbourliness their people face hostilities in such neighbouring countries as if they are wild animals straying into human settlements. They are demonized and dehumanized, and in the end, given criminal record for daring to go across frontiers with the hope of finding greener pastures to be able to nourish poor families they left behind.

It is important for continental pressure to be put on Morocco to free those migrants and unite with their families. That is the only way that the Moroccans can end this saga.