Thursday, February 9, 2023



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for dialogue. Through dialogue the ministry can pursue their policy and assist the school to comply and arrange for the students to return to school the soonest. There is no need for rigidity. What is important is the paramount interest of the 900 students, some of whom have to take their junior or senior secondary school leaving certificate exams. The school authorities have established these schools with a view to educating students and the Ministry has committed itself to protecting the interest of students who form part of our future generation. This should not be a war between two parties where might would prevail. Rather, there should be a dialogue aimed at resolving a crisis; a dialogue destined to ensure that the education of 900 students is not jeopardized. We do hope that both parties will be mature and come up with a solution that will protect the future of 900 students. A temporary solution to ensure that the 900 students complete the academic year is better than an outcome that undermines their schooling.  ]]>

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