By Muhammad Bah The Public Accounts and Public Enterprises Committee of the National Assembly on Wednesday 27 May, 2015 told the new Management of the Management Development Institute (MDI) to tackle its most pressing challenges. Earlier at PAC/PEC session the new MDI management appealed for more government support through the National Assembly to run the institute in an expected manner. During the interaction between MDI officials and PAC/PEC Members, the Acting Director General Alieu K. Jammeh told NAMs that MDI receives D200, 000 subvention from government in last year’s budget allocation. He pointed out that MDI has plans but does not have the necessary resources that it needs to implement those plans.  He said MDI is searching for more additional funds. He highlighted the important role MDI plays in The Gambia by training civil servants, thus making them perform well at government offices. The new MDI Acting Director General further stated that MDI is hosting over 1500 University of The Gambia Students and that the two institutions are not sharing the cost. He said this needs to be considered and looked into by the PAC/PEC. During his intervention Hon. Mam Cherno Jallow of Upper Niumi commended MDI Management and said the committee will work with MDI to assist them to tackle the challenges they highlighted. He said the Assembly is aware of the importance of MDI and they would not ignore that. For his part Hon. Ba Faye Saidykhan of Jarra East and Hon. Abdoulie Saine of Banjul Central advised the new Management to act fast and deal with the lapses that the old management has made such as filling the vacant post of registrar. The Deputy Speaker, who chaired the session, concluded that MDI is very important and therefore the PAC/PEC will work with them to improve the public institute. She also promised that PAC/PEC will support MDI to improve their services to the country. Finally, after a total scrutiny by Deputies MDI’s report was adopted by the committee of the whole House.  ]]>