Manor Properties Ordered to Vacate Estate in Bafuloto


By Yankuba Jallow

The Sheriff Division of the High Court has written a letter to Manor Properties Company Limited to vacate the property they are currently occupying in Bafuloto on or before Thursday, 29th July 2021.

The letter, dated 12th July 2021 from the office of the honourable Sheriff, addressed to all the occupants of the estate who purchased their properties from Manor Properties.

The land in question measures 600 by 485 by 220 by 240 meters which belongs to one Alagie Manko Saidy of Bafuloto Village, Kombo Central District.

There was a judgement in favour of late Manko Saidy and it is what the Sheriff Division is trying to execute.

On the 19th February 2020, the Sheriff Division wrote to the police seeking escort to execute the judgment, but this was blocked by the Real Estate Company and its CEO who filed a motion for a stay of execution.

Manor Properties Company Limited and its Chief Executive Officer, Samba Sarjo Camara, on the 3rd March 2020 sued the Sheriff of The Gambia, one Mafugi Bojang and one Alagie Jobe, praying for a stay of execution of the judgment in favour of Alagie Manko Saidy.

The company filed a motion seeking perpetual injunction for the execution of the judgment to stay.

High court judge, Justice F.A. Achibonga, struck out the motion filed by the real estate company and its CEO.

The judge, in striking out the case, said the CEO and his company were both absent for a number of times in court. He said the applicants (the company and its CEO) have failed and refused to come to court to move their application after they were served with the notice of hearing.

“It appears the applicants are not desirous of having the application heard and this court cannot wait for them,” the judge said as he struck out the originating summons.

He equally asked the company and its CEO to pay Mafugi Bojang and Alagie Jobe each fifteen thousand dalasis (D15,000) as cost.