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By Saikou Suwareh Jabai Best known for his spectacular songs and artistic stage performances, Manding Manding MorryMorry, under the stewardship of Joluv Arts Entertainment, is busy finalizing his 10-track masterpiece cultural album which is due for launch and release on the 20th of December, 2014 at the Jama Hall of Kairaba Beach Hotel. As part of the journey to the ‘Dokuwolom’ launching, Manding Morry had released a highly-rated audio and video of his new single called ‘Jarabali’. The tune is now anchored firmly at the top spot of Gambian music playlists and many agree this is the perfect way to salute for the new album. First known by his stepping-stone song called ‘Felekoteleh’ (gazing at me like TV), the rap star is now being dubbed as the pioneer of afro-rap in Gambia. He has established himself as the premier live artiste on the afro-manding circuit.  From an extraordinarily talented teen quintet to one of contemporary afro-rap’s most powerful forces, Manding Morry’s upcoming album will stimulate the minds of the people and let them know what Joluv Arts have created. After respective solo career and music ventures of his own, Manding Mory has now been powered by his label for a new ground breaking album, which many music pundits described as a refresher course for culture music fans, staying true to his authentic manding style, with brilliant instrumentation and empowering lyrics. However, his collaboration with blood brother, Jalex and Dr. Shaka will lead him to explore new sounds that successfully fuse deep culture and a hint of reggae-dancehall. The new album, executively produced by Joluv Arts, is recorded in State Of Mic, Sunland Studio, Xalam Studio and Shyboy Entertainment. In an interview with the enthusiastic Manding Morry, he assured that the album is comparable to ‘no’ other. He said the preparations are at high gear and that all hands are on deck for its successful launching. For Manding, the project is the result of his artistic efforts for the past years. He said he has devoted a lot of hard work on it and this is a clear manifestation of its standard. The rap-star said they have held several meetings with communities like Bakau, Alliance Franco, Sukuta and Brikama to musically signal the fans about the mega album which he described as a ‘movie,’ featuring scenes upon scenes. Manding Mory revealed that the tracks among the album include ‘Domanding Dorong’, ‘Kaykonokay’, amongst others. While assuring that this package will be the best ever, Manding commended his label for its continuous support to his musical career as it has transformed him from a mere artist to a complete musician. He was quick to applaud his fan base, Manding Empire for being there for him, “Dokuwolom,” was the final word from his smiling lips.]]>

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