Man Seeks Support to Pay Air Ticket to Pursue Studies in Indonesia


By Ndey Sowe

One BakaryManneh, a 23-year-old, yesterday, 19 September said he is seeking assistance from well-wishers and good samaritans to facilitate him to travel to Indonesia to pursue his higher education.

He said he is appealing for financial support to pay for his air ticket to pursue his studies.

According to Bakary, he is to study BsC in Financial Accounting in Indonesia but due to financial constraints, he could not join his colleagues in Indonesia.

Bakary graduated from Masroor Senior Secondary School in 2021.

Some time ago, he applied for a scholarship to Indonesia in one of their universities and was admitted. However, according to him, the University of UIN SUNAN AMPEL SURABAYA (UINSA) will take care of his tuition fees and other expenses but the scholarship does not cover his travel expenses.

“I manage to pay my visa by myself but the ticket is the issue,” he lamented.

When asked how much is the ticket, he answered that he hasn’t consulted with the airline jet but the information he got from his colleagues who have already left is that the minimum amount is $1000 and it could be more than that depending on the airline he is traveling with.

He said that the course has already started and that he is currently attending it online; adding that the proper course will start in early October 2023.

Mr Manneh is therefore appealing to the government, Individuals, Banks, the Business fraternity, NGOs, Parastatals all and sundry to come to his aid.

“This will be a great moment for me because since I graduated in 2021 to date, I haven’t been able to further my education due to financial issues and when this opportunity came, I did not want to let it go,” he said.

He assured that when provided with the support, he will take the opportunity seriously, as his priority is to focus on his education and that he will make sure that he will not disappoint those who invest their money in his studies.

“I am just pleading to the public that anyone who can support me, let them come and support me because if you support the young talented people of a nation most especially in the academic area, then you are helping the nation to grow”, he indicated.  

For any assistance, you may kindly contact him at 3015489/2288194 or [email protected]