Man Seeks Scholarship After Enrolled to Start Course


By Ndey Sowe

Sarjo Jatta is urgently in need of scholarship as he received admission to the Data Science for Society and Business (MSc) graduate program at Jacobs University, Bremen, starting in fall, 2021.

Jatta is asked to transfer 500 Euro, which should be deposited not later than 4th May, 2021. After this date, the offer of admission will become invalid.

According to the admission letter from the aforesaid University, based on his academic merits, personal and social contribution, the admission committee has concluded that he has the potential to take on the academic challenge at Jacobs University and to make a substantial contribution to international community.

“I am admitted to the Data Science for Society and Business (MSc) graduate program, and I am given an institutional merit base scholarship of Euro 15000 and I am expected to pay the remaining balance of Euro 5000. I therefore solicit support to undertake this journey,” he said.

Jatta said the program will enable him to go through an innovative multi-disciplinary curriculum containing a unique learning and research experience. He said the program will also avail him the opportunity to develop essential skills and knowledge on research.

“MSc Data Science will help me to build high quality academic and analytical capacities to cope with the aggressive rate of change, it’s dynamic and the challenges associated with analyzing and producing accurate, reliable and timely information for diverse needs,” he said. Mr. Jatta can be reached on 3832902 for any assistance.