Man convicted for murder, sentenced to death


By Lamin Fatty

Presiding judge Justice Landing M Sanneh at Basse High Court on Thursday 29th July 2021, convinced and sentenced one Saidou Cham to death for murder.

Saidou Cham, a native of Basse Giroba kunda, sometime in March 2018, caused the death of one Samba Krubally of Giroba kunda in Basse Upper River Region by hitting him with a stick on his head which resulted in Krubally’s death.

The matter proceeded in January 2021 and the prosecution called 7 witnesses, including the relatives, police and the medical doctor. By relying on the testimonies of those witnesses, Saidou Cham was found guilty, convicted and sentenced to death by any manner approved by law.

“This honourable court is hereby informed by the Attorney General Chambers on behalf of the state that the accused person is charged for the following offence; murder contrary to section 188 of criminal code cap 10:01 volunteer 3 revised law of the Gambia 2009,” Justice Sanneh said.

Particulars Of Offence

“That Saidou Cham sometime in March 2018 at Basse Giroba kunda in Upper River Region of The Gambia, within jurisdiction of this honourable court with malice aforethought caused the death of one Samba Krubally by hitting him with stick on his head and hereby committed an offence.

“The convict, Saidou Cham, is hereby sentenced to death and may God have mercy on you. The death sentence to be carried out in any manner approved by law at a time to be specified by His Excellency the President of the Republic.

“This is my judgement and parties are reminded of their right to appeal”, Justice Landing M Sanneh said.

“Meanwhile, this particular court (Basse High Court) has gone for two months’ vacation from 1st August to 1st October 2021, and all the proceeding cases are adjourned to October from the 5th. There are numerous cases before this particular high court, most of which are murder and rape cases,” he added.