Mam-Diarra Production hopes to connect electorates, politicians through music


By Makutu Manneh

Mam-Diarra Production, a Gambian promotion agency, is hoping to bring together politicians and electorates through music as it plans to stage an entertainment and cultural concert next month.

Musicians, politicians, and other stakeholders across the country will be invited to the independent stadium on Saturday 29th October 2021 to attend the event dubbed ‘The Gambia One Peace Concert’.

As the presidential election is approaching, the event is aimed at bringing Gambians closer to enhance their understanding of the roles and values of patriotic citizens.

Pa Malick S. Mbye, alias mad dragon, said the country has faced dictatorship for 22 years and political chaos in the 2016 presidential election and as the country is preparing for another electoral cycle, Gambians should come together under a unified umbrella.

“Even with our new democracy, our political atmosphere remains fragile and young people are at the centre of all these,” he said.

He said the concert is conceived in order to use the power of music and entertainment to transmit peaceful messages to the young people and the nation at large.

Mad Dragon was one time a musician in early 2000 in a group called Galaxy crew. He also said the objection of the event is to unite Gambians before the December 4th presidential election.

Mr. Mbye called on Gambians to join the ‘Unity Call’ campaign as the nation deserves peace, love and tranquility.