Magistrate Krubally Fines 2 Liberians D1 Million


By Louise Jobe 

Principal Magistrate Muhammed Kurubally  of the Banjul Magistrate’s Court has convicted two (2) nationals of Liberia – Jonathan Papafloma and Wilfred Sayee – for forging the Dalasi notes.

The charges were Purchasing Forged Notes and Obtaining Money by False Pretense.

On the charge of the forged notes, the two were each fined One Hundred and Fifty Thousand Dalasi (D150,000) in default to serve a two-year jail term with hard labor. On the charge of obtaining money by false pretense, he fined the two Fifty Thousand Dalasi (D50,000) each or serve a jail term of one year with hard labor. Additionally, he fined the two convicts to pay Three Hundred and Nineteen Thousand Dalasi (D319,000) as compensation or serve a jail term of five (5) years.

The total sum the two convicts are supposed to pay is One Million and Thirty-Eight Thousand Dalasi (D1,038,000). This means each is supposed to pay Five Hundred and Nineteen Thousand Dalasi (D519,000) or serve the jail terms.