By Mustapha Jallow Lt. Col. Solo Bojang, a former commander of the State Guards stationed at President Yahya Jammeh’s home village of Kanilai and also a former manager of the Kanilai Family Colonel Solo BojangFarms (KFF), who was detained by the National Intelligence Agency (NIA) at its detention centre in Tanji, Kombo South, is now transfered to Mile Two prison, according to a close family source. The eratwhile former senior army officer has been kept incommunicado detention for more than one year now following his acquittal and discharge by the Brikama Magistrates’ Court. He was first detained at the intelligence agency’s headquarters in Banjul before being transferred to Tanji, where he spent the best part of his detention without trial, which is in gross violation of the 72 hours requirement under section 19 of the constitution of the Gambia. “When he was at Tanji, we made several attempts to see him but were repeatedly refused access by the security officials there. We are now informed that he has been transfered to Mile Two prison,” said the family source. The source added that the family is renewing its appeal to the president to intervene to secure the release of their loved one. Bojang was arrested and subsequently detained on 12 May 2014, which was the day he was aquitted and discharged by the lower court in Brikama on three counts of ‘Abuse of office’, ‘Conspiracy’ and ‘Theft’ and convicted on the ‘False information’ charge. He was then fined D50, 000 which was paid by his family members.  ]]>