The Gambia Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GCCI) should look into the impact of the Gambia-Senegal border closure on its members.

The fact that Gambia earned more than 3 billion dalasi from the re-export trade in 2014 confirms that tariff barriers and border closures are inimical to the development of the private sector in the Gambia. A government which is sensitive to the interest of the private sector would not initiate any policy measure which may be counter productive to the development of the private sector. A government which sees itself as a partner to the private sector would in fact engage in consultations with the GCCI before initiating or implementing any revenue measure.

Foroyaa is still flabbergasted by the absence of any public statement to confirm or deny the allegation that a sum of francs CFA400,000 or more than D26,000 is being demanded from Senegalese registered trucks.

What every government should be concerned with is having a well-informed public. Rumours and speculations do not help to resolve conflict. They only contribute to greater confusion.

The border closure is the order of the day and the authorities are still absent from the public space to clarify matters.